Nano Cafe

Nano Cafe: 441 W. Duarte Rd.  Monrovia.
Breakfast and lunch only - closes at 3:00 pm.


Unknown said…
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Paula said…
Great style to this old building, would be interesting to know who originally occupied it. I'll bet they serve a good breakfast.
I've passed by often. I think it's usually after three.
Anonymous said…
They do have great breakfasts (and lunches). The staff is friendly & the service quick. They even have an outdoor patio - our favorite. We used to eat there in the '70s when it was BJs and now that it is Nano's it is still a family favorite.
Keith said…
I've eaten here a few times and the food has always been very good. They have a nice variety of food too.
Thanks Anon for answering the question about who used to be there.
Tash said…
I love this building! Looks fairly new in the old style. Good to know that it's also a good place to eat. We've got Mike's that's open for brkfst & lunch only...the food is OK.

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