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Bill Cull Trail View

Merengue Bakery And Cafe With Lights

Busy Sky

Heading Back

Winter Wonderland

Street Light

The Stairway

Christy's Donuts

Sun Breaks Through

Tongva History

Top Of The World

A New Day, A New Beginning

View From "The Gap"


Craftsman Challenge

The Wishing Well

White Alders

Midwinter Heat Wave

Big Oak At Monrovia High School

Over The Top Of A Waterfall

Stream Textures

Mervyn's Has Left The Building

A Hazy Day

Football In Live 3D At The Krikorian Theatre

A Bugs Eye View

Mayflower School Parking Lot

Cafe Massilia

Library Update 01/03/2009

Simon Rents

Hot Rods

Happy New Year 2009 / Theme Day