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Merry Christmas!

Street Decorations - Old Town Monrovia

House Of Windsor Christmas Windows 2020

Live Delgado Brothers Concert With David Hidalgo (Los Lobos) Today (December 18th) At 4:00PM

Interior Of Former Monrovia Market And Market Grill Gutted

Christmas Street Scene From Window At Neighborhood Pawn.

Gateway To The Christmas Season

Thanksgiving Morning - Old Town Monrovia - 2020

Veterans Day Field Of Honor Panorama

Veterans Field Of Honor Flag Display - Monrovia Library Park

Giant Spiders Return

Sweet Ethan's

October In Old Town Monrovia, California

Bobcat Fire Above Monrovia, CA

We'll Leave The Light On For You.

Monrovia Deer

Monroe Via The Aztec On Route 66

Cafe Mundial

Aztec Hotel Sign And Entrance

Monrovia Public Library And The Community Center

Monrovia Library Park

Take My Picture?

July 5, 2020: The Day After

Sign Of The Times

Old Town Monrovia From Box Jewelers Clock

Snack Time

Happy Birthday Monrovia + Online Events

Air Force Thunderbirds America Strong Flyover

Past And Present

Entering Old Town Monrovia

Heartfelt Thanks

Recognition Of The Graduates Of 2020

Monrovia Depot - January, 2010

Monrovia Public Library

Julian Fisher Park Basket(less)Ball Courts

Monrovia Freeway Sign

Cafe On Lemon

Monrovia Route 66 Flying A Gas Pumps Removed For Restoration

Monrovia Canyon Park Trail Crew

The Market Grill Returns!

Monrovia. Foothills.