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Shaved Ice

Where Did The Wildcat Go?

Monrovia Fire Station 102

Sign For New Monrovia High School Gym

Something Wistful That Way Goes

Memorial Day 2008


Neville Building History Sign

Fiesta Time!

Canyon Park - Monrovia Day Parade 2008


KGEM - Monrovia Day Parade 2008

Be Sure To Get My Good Side

Doorway To A Future

Happy Birthday Monrovia!

Monrovia Savings Bank Building


The Balloons That Got Away

White Awnings

Sun Microsystems

Happy Mother's Day

Monrovia Mother's Day Home Tour

Monrovia Police Firing Range

Trail Panorama

Sawpit Dam Panorama

Trail Courtesy

Mountain Biker

Library Construction Site

Full Moon

The Banning Block

City Daily Photo Theme Day - Numbers