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Old Town Monrovia's Family Festival Street Fair

Recycling Center

Golden Eagle

2007 Monrovia Canyon Park Biodiversity Fair

Power Station

Favorite Homes #1

Old Town Trolley Sign

Monrovia Canyon Park Biodiversity Fair

Self Guided Nature Trail

Monrovia Unified School District Administration Center

Dog with Scarf

The "Big M"

Deer Crossing

Monrovia Canyon Park Trailhead Sign

Brick Wall and Light

The Gate - Making The Ordinary Extraordinary

Aztec Hotel

Tree In The Middle Of The Street

Monrovia Community Center

Spider Web

Myrtle Ave Monrovia Freeway Sign

Granite Block - Monrovia Canyon Park

Painted Redstart at Monrovia Canyon Park

Daybreak on Myrtle Ave.

Library Park Tree

Colorado Commons Construction

Samson Memorial

AeroVironment - Monrovia

Monrovia City Hall

Trader Joe's Home Office - Monrovia

Old Gas Station