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Monrovia Historical Museum In Black And White

A Shady Place To Watch The Game

Lone Desk

Recreation Park Path

Clifton Middle School - South Facing Entrance

Shadow Of A Light Post

West Side Of Library Park

Courtyards At Old Town - Progress Update 07-21-2009

Mark Twain In Front Of Monrovia Public Library

Old Town Monrovia Family Film Night #2

Monrovia High School Revisited

Half Block Of Myrtle Ave.

Big "M"

Sky In Black And White


High Cloudy Sky

The Opening

Well Fed And Angry Rattlesnake

Shadow Monrovia In Black And White


Monrovia City Hall Corner Garden Bench

Wood Stairs And Window

Framed Clouds

Monrovia Train Depot Panorama

Checkerspot Butterfly


A Little Color pt. 2

Happy 4th Of July 2009!

Shadow Monrovia

Old Water Tank

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Empty