Happy 5th Anniversary to Eric Tenin and Paris Daily Photo

Today's photo is a tribute to Eric Tenin and Paris Daily Photo on the 5th anniversary of his website.  Paris Daily Photo is City Daily Photo Blog #1 and Eric is the man that started it all.

My photo today is inspired by and uses two of the techniques that Eric is well known for: the low angle shot and tilting the composition.

Click the link below to see how other City Daily Photo bloggers from around the world are paying tribute today to Eric Tenin and Paris Daily Photo.  Congratulations, Eric!

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


Paula said…
Great take on the theme. Shooting from that angle helps to have interesting pavement. :)
this is a winner of the Tenin technique
Anonymous said…
I feel a little drunk.
Good shot. You made me think "cobblestones" and "ancient passageway."
Bill said…
Great Tenin shot!
Petrea Burchard said…
This is great, Keith.

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