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Brake and Muffler Man

This Used To Be...#6

Colorado Commons Update

Trask Scout Reservation

Mountain Mirror

On A Clear Day...

Merry Christmas

Reindeer Crossing

Vintage Gas Station with Christmas Lights

2007 Holiday Parade Equestrian Entry

Teacher Of The Year: Bob Drew


Mayor Rob Hammond

Lights and White Picket Fence

Frosty on Madison Ave.

Canyon Early Learning Center

T3 Personal Mobility Vehicle

Planet Cookies Mural

Bradoaks School


2007 Monrovia Holiday Parade - Tow Trucks

2007 Monrovia Holiday Parade - Santa

2007 Monrovia Holiday Parade

Monrovia Library Groundbreaking Ceremony 2

2007 Christmas Tree Lighting

Monrovia Library Groundbreaking Ceremony

Monrovia Bakery

Christmas Light Decoration


Santa Fe School

This Used To Be...#5