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Beer, BBQ, Blues

City Christmas Tree Pre-lit

Monrovia Public Library Outbuilding

Stuck In The Middle Of The Beginning Of The End

Monrovia Library Closed

Julian D Fisher Memorial Park

Wild Rose Class of 2007 Tiles

Wild Rose School

Happy Thanksgiving

Mayflower School

Drinking Fountain

Clifton School

This Used To Be...#4

Monroe School

Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas Decorations

Rankin Peak

This Used To Be... #3

St. Luke's Episcopal Church - Monrovia

VFW 2070

This Used To Be...#2

Old 46

Happy Holidays From Old Town Merchants

This Used To Be...#1

Olive Avenue Park

Gold Hills

Harding Court

Quarter Mile Trail

Rotary Park

Smoke Filtered Sunlight

Baby Rattlesnake