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Smoke Covered Monrovia


Station Fire Panorama

West Towards La Canada (Station) Fire

Smoke Filled Sky

Summer - Better Late Than Never

Monrovia Canyon Park Closed Temporarily

Future Home Of Living Spaces

Drive Up Audio Visual And Book Return

Partly Cloudy

E-Waste Collection Event

That Sawpit Wash Trail Gate

Topo Map

Painting The New Kohl's

Window Bars

What Kind Of Bug Is This?

Respect The Past

Decay In Detail

Railroad Crossing

Under The Train

Monrovia Lettering - Monrovia Train Depot

Sign At Los Gueros

TP'd 08-10-2009

Hummingbirds Arriving For Lunch

Hummingbird In Flight


Hummingbird Feeder

Cactus Flower

Nature As Artist

Relaxation Video

Monrovia Train Depot Eastbound

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Night