Hiking The Ridge

Going back into the archives to 2005 for this one tonight.  I was sidetracked by a check engine light on the car so my schedule for the day went out the window.  This photo was taken during a hike to reach 3 peaks (Monrovia, Rankin, Clamshell) north of the city in a single day hike.


How far is it to this point? I've never gotten past the cabin foundation. So beautiful.
What an amazing view! Great shot.
Keith said…
Pas Adj: I'm not sure where this is exactly. It's a long way past the cabin foundation though, a rough estimate is the cabin site is around halfway to where we caravaned and started hiking. This photo is either heading up to Monrovia Peak or heading from Monrovia Peak to one of the other two peaks.

lewi14: It really is beautiful up there.

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