A Day Off

Not a day off from posting a photo, just a day off from posting a photo about Monrovia.  I thought it might be fun to sneak in something different.  Maybe I wanted to show that Monrovia, while integral to me, isn't the only subject of my photos.

So, on a recent day off, I drove up the coast to the La Purisima Mission in Lompoc, CA.  One of the California Missions, La Purisma is huge, beautiful, restored and I can't recommend it enough as a place to take photographs.  The city of Solvang is close by for a good meal and to stock up on pastries.  Makes for a great day trip from the L. A. area.

In a way, it was like going back to the beginning for me.  When I first started taking photography classes, La Purisima was our first field trip and the first time I went somewhere for the sole purpose of taking photos.  It only took me about 22 years to make it back.



Anonymous said…
Oh Keith, how beautiful.
susan said…
yowza! glad i checked in-this is fantastic!
T. Becque said…
This is a great black and white - composition and subject!
So you left Monrovia in the rear view mirror?

It's always a curious experience to revisit someplace you haven't been for years. I'd love to visit this mission in person. I've only been to three so far.
Keith said…
Altadenahiker: Thank you!

Susan: Thank you, glad you checked it too. Good timing.

T. Becque: I've had a long time to think about it!

Pas Adj: It was an odd feeling. I was shocked when I thought about how long it had been. Back then it was a film camera and full manual, no automatic anything. The Mission, other than a big visitor center by the parking lot, hadn't changed a bit.

I really like this Mission. 2,000 acres, hiking trails, wide open spaces. I went on a week day and there was hardly anyone there. You can also visit 2 Missions in one trip since there is another close by in Solvang.

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