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From The "You'll Never See This Event Again" Files

Monrovia Public Library

Monrovia Skate Park

Baseball Diamond - Recreation Park

Good Morning Monrovia

Mary Wilcox Youth Center / KGEM

Monrovia Airport Tile Mural Detail

Monrovia Airport

Visions of Caramel Apples


Huntington Oaks Center - Monrovia

Monrovia City Hall Annex

Mal Packer Mesa Memorial Plaque

Monrovia Police Department Statue

Monrovia Train Depot - Looking East

Monrovia Train Depot

First Baptist Church

Boys And Girls Club - Monrovia

Foothill Blvd. Minus The Traffic

Monrovia High School

Sawpit Dam Building

Vietnam Memorial

Monrovia Historical Museum

3 Graves - Monrovia Canyon Park


Monrovia City Limit Sign

Monrovia 4th of July Fireworks 2007


Historic Lighting

Myrtle Ave Alley: Parking to Downtown

Monrovia High Murals