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Memorial Day 2010

2010 Immaculate Conception Church Fiesta

1961 LAPD Dodge Seneca

Fire Equipment Display

Fire Trucks On Display

HME Fire Trucks

Monrovia Fire Station 101 Interior

2010 Monrovia Day Parade - Horse Drawn Steam Pumper

2010 Monrovia Day Parade - Monrovia Canyon Park Volunteers


Monrovia Historic Preservation Group

The Whistling Diva - 2010 Monrovia Day Parade

Monrovia Cold Stone Creamery To Return

2010 Monrovia Day Parade Hometown Grand Marshals

2010 Monrovia Day Parade Flyover

Monrovia Bakery Window

Monrovia Fire Department - 100 Years Of Service

May 15, 2010: Monrovia Day / Monrovia Fire Department Centennial

Monrovia Train Depot - Raised View

Activity At The Former Spires Restaurant

Pioneer Point Buffet And Grill - Cooking Now

Monrovia Library Park Game Table

Happy Mother's Day 2010

2010 Mother's Day Home Tour

Monrovia Fire Department Fire Service Day Pancake Breakfast

Knots In A Tree Stump

Monrovia Library Park Grass

Miner's Lettuce

Music Bus At The Aztec Hotel

Statues - Part 2

May 2010 City Daily Photo Theme Day: Statues