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Windstorm 1/21 - 1/22/2022

 From the City Manager's Report:  Monrovia City Manager’s Wind Storm Update - Saturday January 22, 2022 Good morning! What a crazy night. I've yet to experience a wind event in Monrovia quite like we did last night Beginning yesterday afternoon, the powerful gusts of Santa Ana winds have been sweeping through Southern California, with the strongest winds in the foothill communities like Monrovia. Our Police, Fire and Public Works Departments have been working through the night responding to considerable damage caused by the winds. Last night alone, the Police Department responded to 34 alarm calls, 26 calls for down live wires, some of which caused sparking in the streets or fires that are now extinguished, and 36 tree emergencies that ranged from downed trees, trees falling on cars, and even one that fell on a home that is deemed unsafe and uninhabitable. A high wind warning will be in effect until 3 p.m. this afternoon. As winds continue, please keep in mind the following t

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