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Monrovia Depot Rehab - An Inside And Outside Look

First, a huge thank you to Nic Fetter of Samuelson and Fetter, the developer in charge of the depot rehab.  He had seen the photos I've been taking of the exterior and thought I might be interested in a closer look.  He read my mind.

A couple notes as you go through the photos:
1) The rehab is still in progress.  The work that needed to be done was extensive, to say the least.  The "Before" photos below show how incredible the transformation has been so far.
2) A restaurant operator has not yet been determined.

*Click on the photos for larger versions*
Let's start the photos with a quick look back at the condition of the depot before the rehab work started. The next 3 photos are from the groundbreaking ceremony for the rehab held earlier this year on February 9, 2017. I've included these photos as a reference to show what the depot looked like 7 months ago and the incredible di…

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