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2018 Monrovia Music Fest

This was the fifth Monrovia Music Fest and seemed like the largest turnout so far. The front of the Monrovia library was packed with a stage, food trucks, a beer garden, other cold drinks, artisans, info booths, pirates, people, and dogs.
*Click on the photos for larger versions*
Updated 06/04/2018 with more photos.

The Moreton Bay Fig tree providing shade for those listening to the music.

Event Producer and Whistling Diva, Carole Anne Kaufman.

1st band up - Hardley Sisters.

Mikael Pederson (left).

Kids These Days.

 Dyon Dawson.

Traveling Fools.


Roger Espinoza. 

KTLA was at the event.

Artisans And Info.  The Monrovia CERT team was on hand (far right).

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