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Coming To Monrovia

Minor Slide Area

Reflection Of Monrovia

Monrovia High School Front Entryway

Reflection In Black And White

Monrovia High School Bell Tower And Moon



Blue Sky Returns

Road Work In The Rain

It Was A Dark And Stormy...Afternoon

Monrovia Canyon Park Volunteers Recognized By The City Council

Stand Tall

Colorado Construction

Coffee In The Rain

New Monrovia Library Park Playground

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Best Photo Of The Year

World Vision International Global Office - Monrovia, CA

What I Didn't Get For Christmas Sale

Removing The Decorations

Small Storm Expected

Reach For The Sky

The End

Monrovia Canyon Park Stream

Monrovia Train Depot Archway

Clouds Over The Monrovia Train Depot - Black and White

Clouds Over The Monrovia Train Depot

Paragon At Old Town - Coming Soon


Two Trees

January 2010 City Daily Photo Theme Day: Changes