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Spillway - Then And Now

Debris Basin - Then And Now

A Little Local Color

Rocks And Clouds

Power Lines In The Clouds

Road And Clouds

Merry Christmas!

Old Town Tree Decorations

Nativity Scene

Gumdrops And Lollipops

Christmas Wreath

Madison Ave. Christmas Lights

It's A Porta-Potty Christmas

Volunteer Recognition Dinner

Steaming Fence

A Little Bit Of Snow

Courtyards At Old Town Construction

Fuzzy Moon

Christmas Lights At The Fire Station

Clouds At Sunset

Peeling Door

Shadow Of Light

Monrovia High School Panorama

Monrovia Truck 101 And The Krikorian Theatre

Santa Claus 2008

2008 Monrovia Holiday Tree

Monrovia High School Marching Wildcat Band - 2008 Holiday Parade

Monrovia Tree Lighting And Parade Tonight

Sierra Cup

Monrovia Foothills Panorama

Myrtle Ave Tree Lights

Candy Cane Alley

Candy Cane

Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving!

Broken Branch

Imitation Grass

Re-Clearing The Debris Basin

Steller's Jay

Deer Silhouette

Guest Photo: Monrovia High School Marching Wildcat Band

Ready For My Closeup

Moon Over Monrovia

A Bite To Eat

Work Day Is Done

Two Topiary Treats

Monrovia High School Overview

Morning Lights At The Krikorian

Preening Turkey Vulture

Work Started On Henry's Market