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Perry The Platy-Bus At Living Spaces Monrovia

E-Waste Collection Event This Weekend

Monrovia Train Depot - Ground Level

The Flame Broiler

Wasp Nest

Bird's Nest

A Natural Star


The Wonderelles

Monrovia Public Library At Dusk

Highlander Pet Center

San Jose Creek Water Reclamation Plant

Cool Drink On A Hot Day

Busy Bee


Doo-Wah Riders

Sunset On The 4th Of July

Frame The Moon

California Electric Bike Co.

Watching The Fireworks

Delgado Brothers 4th Of July Concert

2011 4th Of July Fireworks At Library Park

Happy 4th Of July 2011!

Hot Weather Clouds

Monrovia Canyon Park Closed For 4th of July Weekend

July 2011 City Daily Photo Theme Day: The Color Green