More Work Begins On Monrovia High School Renovation

The is the front west corner of the school.  The area has been fenced and the ground (grass) cleared.

A time line for the work to be done can be found here (.pdf) or here (html).


Petrea Burchard said…
Hi Keith, I'm catching up on your shots today and enjoying them. I was in Monrovia the other day. Can't go there without thinking of you and recognizing things you've shown me on the blog!
Tash said…
That's a lot of planned work. So long as the old exterior remains the same, it sounds great. Reminds me to go check on the progress of Malaga School. They had the whole yard dug up - & they are adding an elevator.
Keith said…
Petrea: Thank you! Hope you had a good visit to Monrovia.

Tash: Yes, it's going to take a while, but it's needed.

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