As promised, here's the expanded view of yesterday's photo showing the glass blocks.  It's the local McDonald's done in a retro 50's style and called a McDiner.  Along with the glass blocks are lots of neon and "Speedee" above.

There is a local connection to the McDonald's company here also.  In 1937, Patrick McDonald opened a restaurant called the Airdrome at the (now long gone) Monrovia Airport.  The restaurant was later moved to San Bernardino and renamed McDonald's.  Years later Ray Kroc bought out the business and turned it into the empire we know today.  While San Bernardino is considered the home of the first McDonald's, the roots go back to Monrovia. - Source: Wikipedia.

Update with additional links:

Abandoned and Little Known Airfields: California - A little more history and photo's.

Pomona Public Library - A photo from the airport.

Monrovia Airport tile mural at the Monrovia Albertson's - 2 previous posts here and here.


Kim said…
Cute retro building. Thanks for the roots story.
Sally said…
Well, I would never have guessed it! Interesting history too.
Jim Klenke said…
I would have not guessed a McDonalds.
Anonymous said…
Very good!
No kidding about the origins of Mc D's. Where was the Monrovia airport?
Unknown said…
The retro style is gorgeous and so is night shot!
Skrip said…
The Monrovia Airport shut down in 1953. There is no recognizable trace of a former airport anywhere. The site of Monrovia Airport is bounded by Cypress Road on the north, Shamrock on the west, Sawpit Wash on the east, and Duarte Road on the south. The 210 Freeway now bisects the south end of the site of the former airport.
Keith said…
Thank you everyone! It's amazing the things I've learned just from taking photo's.

Thanks Skrip for answering Pas Adj's question so quickly. I've also added a few links to the post to provide some additional info and photo's.
Tash said…
NO WAY! How cool is that. The original and right here in Monrovia. You did so well with the detail and then this brilliant night shot.
Petrea Burchard said…
That is so cool, Keith! I remember in my hometown of DeKalb, Illinois we had a very early McDonald's. One of the earliest ones was in Des Plaines, Illinois. But I never knew the origins were here in Monrovia.

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