Monrovia Public Library Update 03/10/2009

Time for another update on the progress of the new library. This photo was taken 3/10/2009.


How do you like it? Do you have a link to what the original library looked like from the street? I'm glad your documenting it.
Keith said…
It looks nice from the outside but I'll reserve judgment until it's open. I took photo's of all sides before the old library was torn down. I didn't post them all but there's one here
Tash said…
Looks great so far! I do like the architectural style.
E. Z. said…
Looks like a fortress. There's nothing more inviting than a windowless building. What about those of us who enjoy reading by natural light and like to look up every once and awhile to look outside and see the rain falling, the wind blowing or the sun shining?

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