A Glimpse Inside The New Wang's Place

The covers were off the windows providing a look at the still unfinished interior of the new location for Wang's Place.  The sign in the window says they expect to open this month.

The new address is 120 E. Lemon Ave.  Monrovia.


Anonymous said…
Oh my! super swanky. I like the light fixtures and the exposed brick. looks hi-end. (I'll be over at McDonalds)
Skrip said…
Nice, I'd like to check this out when it opens.
Anonymous said…
We celebrated my dad's 70th birthday party in late August the last week they were open in their Myrtle location.

Our family has been anxiously awaiting their re-opening. We have enjoyed their good food and friendly service for 10 years.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Jeff and Ken.
I will be coming in from Vegas Opening Night!
Tash said…
I'm glad I didn't miss this one. The purple color is just brilliant. I'm surprised Babooshka didn't jump on this one.
BTW - your comment on the lady looking into the shop window in Sausalito - no she never did realize that I took her photo. I wonder if that's considered stealing.

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