Wild Rose Tract Historic District Craftsman Homes

Just a small sampling of the homes on the street with the new sign on the corner at the far left.  Mainly Craftsman homes along the entire block (and beyond), both sides of the street.

Seven of the Craftsman homes on this block will be part of the Monrovia Historic Preservation Group's annual Mother's Day Tour this May 10th, 2009.  More info on the tour can be found on the MOHPG website.


Tash said…
Beautiful shot, K. It is really great when enlarged. One of these days, I'll have to visit this district (& the high school).
Anonymous said…
There is a craftsman house on the east side of Canyon Ave (?) where instead of using river rock for the front wall they used ocean tossed stone. You find these rocks on certain areas of our coast (such as where Tash is at Abalone Cove). It's unusual. I hope that wasn't to off topic.
Skrip said…
oooo, these are cool. You know, around here there's tons of craftsman homes. I just feel weird if the owners were to come out and see me taking pictures of their homes. But I'll be brave enough and try to take some soon!

But this is great for your town! When they create historic districts, it gives owners so much pride that it helps the neighborhood 1000 times.
Keith said…
Tash: Thanks! I posted this image a little larger than I normally do so that the beauty of the homes is a little easier to see.

Pas Adj: I'm curious now. I can't seem to place the house offhand. I'll have to go check. River rock is used at a lot of homes in that area.

Skrip: I hesitate to take photo's of people's homes also. In this case though, they just had a big ceremony out front that was in the papers and some of these homes are going to be open for the Mother's Day tour. I figure my little photo is minor compared to that.

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