Water Under The Bridge

A little water flowing under the bridge just north of the cabin in Monrovia Canyon Park.

Also, since we have a photo of the environment in Monrovia Canyon Park, the guest speaker this Tuesday night (March 17) at the park cabin will be award winning environmental reporter Ilsa Setziol.

If you listen to public radio, in particular local station KPCC, I'm sure you're familiar with her work. She was visiting the park recently and was nice enough to come back and speak at one of the volunteer meetings.

The meetings are open to the public, start at 7:30 and are held in the cabin in the park. There's no parking fee to attend the meeting but bring a flashlight, it gets pretty dark at night.


A creative and good composition of under the bridge. My Mom used to make me promise to go under the bridges of the main highways when I needed to cross because she thought it was to dangerous to cross when no traffic lights existed. So I have lots of memories of under bridges. BTW, I am glad you are enjoying the Chihuly art on my website. I am going to continue to post more over time and intersperse the Chihuly eye candy with the desert, interesting cactus, resorts, special events and other photos.
Makes me wonder what lies the other side.

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