Re-Clearing The Debris Basin

L.A. County plans to clear this about once a year now instead of letting it grow over for many years like it did up until earlier this year.

The entire clearing job, other than the water truck to keep the dust down, will be done this time by one man in his truck.  The one partially hidden under the spray of water.  He's got a cutting attachment on the end of a telescoping arm and can make quick work of anything from weeds to trees.

It should take him a little over a week.


Anonymous said…
couldn't they create additional park land by creating a trail to the flatlands and working with the stream? It could be nice.
Keith said…
Pas Adj: It could be nice but I doubt L.A. County would give it up. There are some parking issues also. On the other hand, there's the trailhead to the Sawpit Wash Trail just out of the photo in the upper left corner. It's the north end of the trail involved in this lawsuit.

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