Overcast With A Chance Of Rain


Anonymous said…
Keith, it's raining cats and cats! Come by for a visit and you'll see for yourself. P.S. I got stuck in that little onslaught yesterday and I was happy!
I hear that Altadena Hiker is keeping the cat hostage (stay tuned, if not now later)
To me that's a weird looking tree. I know it's perfectly normal to you.
Tash said…
Great tree, love the angle & the sinister black palm! I keep taking picture after picture of palms with clouds rolling in, rolling by... How about if we start our own Palm club -- let's say every 3rd Thursday of the month & use your shot as a logo?? It's an idea.
Hey, with your ad for Prop 8, are you hiding from your local bloggers?
Keith said…
Pas Adj: The rain was great, feels good.
No time for catnaps for the cats around you. Looking forward to the continuing saga...

Babooshka: I'll admit, this one is a little odd.

Tash: The Palm Club sounds like fun. There are lots of palms around here to shoot.

The Prop 8 ad isn't mine, it's a Google ad. I didn't know it was there until your comment. Most of the time they place those text ads, rarely they place a big graphic ad like that.
I hope I don't have to hide from anyone.

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