City Daily Photo Theme Day - Books

It was time for another update on the progress of the new library and this month's theme of Books provided the perfect opportunity. The new library doesn't have any books now but it will when it opens in the spring.

Participants from all over the world are providing their interpretation of this months theme. Use the link below for a world of photo's on Books:

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Anonymous said…
Lets hope that Library is finished soon
Jilly said…
Absolutely wonderful to know libraries are still being built when I read of some closing down. Super!
Anonymous said…
That tree looks like an upside down octopus. Nice photo
Keith said…
Mo: It should be ready the first part of next year. Waiting is not easy.

Jilly: It's great to get a new, larger library. This one did get downsized from the original plan though.

Pas Adj: The fig trees. Probably the most well known trees in the city.
Petrea Burchard said…
It's nice to see the progress on this project!
Tash said…
It looks like it'll be gorgeous.
I love the new ones that are being build all over the county.
I really liked the one in Harbor City - it's very nice inside & lots of people in the community do use it
Tash said…
(in case you'd like to see the outside pics)

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