Black Friday

The calm before the storm. 

While most stores are trying to salvage their year or even stay alive in our current economy by enticing customers with Black Friday hours and sales, that door has already closed for Mervyn's. 

This will be Mervyn's last holiday season.  They are going out of business and taking a lot of jobs with them.


Tash said…
Did you brave the shopping rush? I went to Macy's last year & later returned the 2 things I bought. We have a Mervyn's closing nearby in Torrance. I hear Circuit City filed bankrupcy too.
On a happier note, I really like how the many colors in the photo compliment each other.
Anonymous said…
Mervyns has been around for sixty years or so. Sad, plus I always liked their t-shirts
Keith said…
Tash: I avoid shopping on the day after Thanksgiving (and the whole weekend after). Not my idea of fun.

Pas Adj: It's sad to see a well known name store go under after all those years and it's sad for all those people out of work but, honestly, I haven't been in a Mervyn's in quite a while.

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