Preening Turkey Vulture

Quite a bit bigger than the birds you normally see around town and always (at least when I spot them) seem to be in large groups. 


Anonymous said…
Turkey Vultures are very large birds. I have never seen one this close before.
That's not your usual bird on a wire. What a catch.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Photo. I think I saw a Golden Eagle near where the fires came up to the homes in eastern Sierra Madre. Up in a very tall pine in someone's front yard. I'm familiar with Turkey vultures in Monrovia Canyon but I think this was a golden eagle. Very big bird.
Keith said…
Abraham: Large and impressive. I wish one would have flown while I was there, I'd like to see the wingspan.

Babooshka: There were so many, I had to stop.

Pas Adj: Golden Eagles are around here. I'm not much of a bird watcher but I would like to spot an eagle.

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