City lights just coming on in the distance.  The area in the foreground is higher than it used to be now that dirt from clearing the debris basin was put here. 

This area is L.A. County property and is used as a helipad.


Hilda said…
I was wondering why the area was flattened. The view is amazing!
Tash said…
doesn't it create a dust storm?
very nice view at twilight
Did you ever read (I've been doing this a lot, so forgive me) John McPhee's Assembling California? Gave me a new appreciation for our mountains and the perseverence of the people living in the foothills.
Petrea Burchard said…
Where exactly is that? Are you heading uphill toward Chantry flats?
Tanya Breese said…
Great view...wonder how many people come up there to party ;)
Keith said…
Hilda: It doesn't get used much but that's why.

Tash: That's a good question about the dust storm. I asked just to be sure and the answer is yes, it kicks up a lot of dirt and dust.

I hadn't read any of his books before. You got me to look him up on Amazon.com and it's a safe bet I'll be reading his books soon. Thank you.

Petrea: It's right next to the entrance to Monrovia Canyon Park to the east.

Tanya: Not many. It's fenced off and there are neighbors around who are very protective of their neighborhood. Seems like something fun could be done with it, officially of course. It does have an amazing view.

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