North On Myrtle Avenue

It was such a beautiful day yesterday it deserved a photo. 

This is on Myrtle Ave. looking north toward downtown with the San Gabriel mountains in the distance.

On the left behind the temporary wall is the construction area for the "Courtyards At Old Town"  apartment / retail development.


That is a breathetaking view.
Alessandra said…
This was the view I had in February of 2004 when my then fiance (now hubby) and I visited Monrovia while scoping out Foothill cities. We had donuts from Donut Man in Glendora and we drove up Myrtle on a Sunday morning. I fell in love. We ended up eating our donuts on a park bench and I told my husband that we were moving here. We found a place to rent and two years later, we bought our first home together. This photo is the quintessential view of Monrovia, to me.
Keith said…
Babooshka: Thank you!

Alessandra: I've always liked that spot, it feels so open. With a breeze to clear the air and some clouds, the view is, like Babooshka says, breathtaking.

Btw, Donut Man is the best!
Petrea Burchard said…
Glorious sky! Alessandra, I love your story.

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