Huntington Drive, Monrovia - 1976

Going through some old photo's and came across this photo of Huntington Drive from 1976.  On the right is the familiar Le Roy's restaurant with the old sign.  On the left were businesses and homes in the space that eventually became the Huntington Oaks shopping center. 

On the left you can also see the location of my first job:  Der Weinerschnitzel.
It was located in the spot where the Black Angus parking lot is now.


Petrea said…
A gem of the Gem City! I love old photos. Do you have any more?
I noticed the large numerals painted on the asphalt. They don't do that anymore. Do you remember exactly when the 210 was open to the public. This is where my memory becomes vague. Funny, L.A. used to be a one story town.
Keith said…
Petrea: I'm still looking but everything else so far is basically family and relatives. I guess we didn't take photo's of the city back then.

Pas Adj: I don't remember exactly either. Best I can do is late 60's, early 70's. I do remember driving on it back when it was always nearly empty.
Petrea said…
Hey! Not that I wouldn't like to see the family....
Tash said…
Very, very cool photo - & that's the way it was, folks! This is a great idea for a post.
I got my lisence in '74 & used to drive my mom on the new fwy to the Serbian Orthodox Church in Arcadia while still in high-school & it was very new, if not brand new, then.
I'm gonna dig up some of my husband's PV photos & some of my Highland Park photos.

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