Police Pickup Truck

According to the logo on the door this is a police truck from the City of El Monte, parked in Monrovia.  El Monte is a nearby city to the south.  A police pickup truck is not a common sight.  I'm wondering how useful this would be for police work, or is that even its purpose?


Anonymous said…
I just saw a Monrovia PD Jeep Wrangler drive by us on Huntington yesterday. I realize we are right here in the foothills, but I cant recall ever seeing a police or sheriffs Wrangler before! It had the hard top with the light bar on top of that. Something you might see at a car show, not cruising the street :)
Laurie Allee said…
Haven't seen a police pick-up since I left Texas!
Petrea Burchard said…
Don't tell the police I said this, but that truck is cute.

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