Back To School Time

It's that time again.  Time to get everything you need to go back to school.

I wore a school uniform for awhile and didn't mind it.  What I didn't like was knowing that summer was coming to an end.


Antjas said…
I used to buy most of my kids' clothes at this very Mervyns in Monrovia before we moved east 15 years ago. I've always missed it. I understand Mervyns may be in bankruptcy. Hope not. We also enjoyed the "Pain Perdu" at Mimi's Cafe just around the corner as well as Salsa del Rio. Are they still there? I remember when that whole area was just one big empty field. Thanks for the memories!
Laurie Allee said…
I'm just nerdy enough to have been one of those kids who looked forward to shopping for school supplies. (Remember getting those little plastic "reinforcements" for notebook paper? Did you ever once use one of those things?)

I still feel like the world is full of possibility in the fall... that it's still the start of a new semester.
Keith said…
PJ: Glad you're enjoying the photo's. Mimi's Cafe is still there but Salsa del Rio has been gone for a few years now. I went there many times but had forgotten about it.
My first job was at the Der Wienerschnitzel that used to be in the spot where Black Angus is now. Before the big shopping center was ever built.

Laurie: I remember having some of those little reinforcements, but I don't think I ever used them. I did go through a lot of Pee Chee folders though!

I'm not sure if it's a carryover from my school days, but the fall is my favorite time of year.

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