Guide Dogs Of America

The 3 beautiful dogs above are associated with the Guide Dogs of America program in Sylmar, Ca.
They are, from L to R: Tibet, Miyagi and Riker. 
They were the visitors and subject of a recent Monrovia Canyon Park volunteer meeting.

It takes a special dog to make it through the 24 hour a day, 7 day a week training.  If they are good enough, at about 2 years old, they are given free of charge to a blind or visually challenged man or woman to provide help, assistance and independence.

Equally amazing are the trainers, like Mary Deets above, who are with their dogs constantly.  Taking them everywhere, socializing them for about a year and a half until the day they have to hand the dog over for additional training.  They say goodbye with the very real possiblility that they will never see their constant companion again.  I don't think I could do that.

Some dogs that don't make it as guide dogs or that are no longer guide dogs go on to other "careers" such as search and rescue or pet therapy.  Tibet above works at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia.

Miyagi, center above, is the puppy in training.  A couple more photo's of him tomorrow.


Guide Dogs of America website.


Laurie Allee said…
This is such a great post. Hooray for those wonderful doggies and the people who work with them.
tr3nta said…
Nice "puppies" you have there!!!
Anonymous said…
I knew Miyagi looked familiar. My son had emergency at Methodist in January. Miyagi sat with me for 2 hours and kept me calm. A wonderful dog and a wonderful program. It was wonderful to see Miyagi again today in your post!
Anonymous said…
Whoops, Tibet gave me comfort. Miyagi is such a cute name that it just stuck. Boy, is my face red.
Keith said…
Laurie: They are wonderful. Everyone wanted to play with them.

Tr3nta: She does have her hands full but they are such calm dogs.

Sandi: That's all right. I had to verify which was which myself. Good to hear that Tibet did a good job. Hope your son is doing well now.

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