2008 Biodiversity Fair Goats

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Monrovia Canyon Park Biodiversity Fair.  These two goats are just a couple of the many animals visiting for the afternoon.


Laurie Allee said…
What a cute little guy! (gal?) What exactly is the Biodiversity Fair? Did the park host it?
Anonymous said…
Do goats live in the Canyon?
Keith said…
Babooshka: They were. The top one is named Roscoe. I don't know the name of the other but he (she?) wanted nothing more than to get loose from the leash and run free.

Laurie: See today's (8/25) post for more info and an apology for not explaining sooner. It was hosted by the park.

Livio: Thank you!

Anonymous: They don't live in the canyon but a herd of goats have been used for brush clearance in the less accessible hillside areas of the city.

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