California Lottery

Do you play the lottery?  Tonight's drawing is for a chance at 9 million dollars.  Or play the multi state lottery for a chance at 56 million.  Or buy a copy of the ever shrinking LA Times in the background there for a non shrinking 50 cents.


Petrea Burchard said…
Ha! Good commentary. I like the lined-up striped awnings. I'd buy the Times if they cared about journalism. Lottery? I gave a dollar to charity today instead. I think it'll go farther.

Gee, I sound so cynical. Time for my nap!
Laurie Allee said…
I haven't played in years. Have you? Interesting contrast to the LA Times. I haven't bought it in years, either. Probably has something to do with why the paper is suffering. I do wonder how newspapers are to stay alive in the electronic world.
Unknown said…
Petrea and Laurie: I haven't bought the Times for years either. A newspaper is just too inefficient to be the primary source of news these days. What I want to see are stories where the reporter really goes after the truth and provides in depth information. The question is, who will provide the resources and support to make that possible? "News Lite" stories are available everywhere.

I do admit to buying a lottery ticket when it gets up to about 150 million or more - pretty rarely.

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