I meant to post this yesterday, but technical difficulties prevented that from happening.  Let's take a look around at a very small part of the damage from Wednesday night's windstorm.

This first photo was the city's 50-foot Christmas tree in Library Park.  It was knocked down...

...bringing the star on top crashing to the ground.  This cancelled the tree lighting ceremony that was to have taken place last night.  The holiday parade was postponed to a date yet to be determined.

This scene could be found at many intersections.  This is Foothill and Shamrock.

Double whammy here.  A downed tree blocking the street and downed wires.  Dangerous situation.

This tree fell across Wildrose, just east of Mountain.

Here's another situation that happened far too many times.  Tree crushes car.

A few of the trees down at Recreation Park.  That's the YMCA building in the background.

And finally, try as the wind might, this Christmas tree held tough and refused to fall completely over.

Cleanup continues and many homes and businesses are still without power.

Check this post from for some stats on the damage.


Unknown said…
Wow that storm really damaged a lot! I hope everyone is okay and have managed to fix most of the damage by now!
donnarose said…
wow, I've seen quite a bit on the news. Glad you're ok.......You took great photos of a devastating situation.
I think the pines took the brunt of it. Two snapped on my block alone
PerthDailyPhoto said…
When nature unleashes her power, therr's not too much to be done, but it can't stop Christmas. Hope everything is up and running again soon Keith.
Tash said…
OUCH! So sorry that the strom damage was so bad in Monrovia. I'm sad for people's property loss and for the loss of all the beautiful trees.
Keith said…
I was surprised at the amount of damage done. Things look pretty good now but there's still a lot to be done. The biggest surprise to me was that Canyon Park, where I expected a lot of damage, had very minimal problems.

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