2008 Monrovia Canyon Park Haunted Hike

Dates and info have now been announced for this years Haunted Hike in Monrovia Canyon Park.
The dates are: Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights - October 23rd, 24th and 25th.
Tickets are available to Monrovia residents on September 24th and to the general public on October 1st.
The flyer can be found on the city website here.

The city also has a Haunt phone line at 626-256-8246.

Last year when I posted about the Haunted Hike there was a lot of interest and a big boost in traffic to my website.  This year I decided that the Haunted Hike needed its own (unofficial) website. The new site will have all the information that's available, updates, photo's, FAQ's, suggestions and more!  We'll also be there to answer any questions you may have, so ask, ask, ask.

The new website devoted specifically to the Haunted Hike is:


Bookmark it and visit often.


Janet said…
Sounds like a haunting y'all will go!
Laurie Allee said…
How cool is that?!?! Very creepy Blair Witch Project here. (Shudder!)

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