2008 Biodiversity Fair - Raccoons

Three of the more popular critters at the Biodiversity Fair.

I apologize for posting a photo from the Biodiversity Fair yesterday without actually explaining what a Biodiversity Fair is all about. I had the photo ready but I didn't have all the info I wanted yet.

So, to make up for yesterday, here's the info direct from the Fair. I almost tried to explain it in my own words last night but I was very tired and it probably wouldn't have been very coherent.

"Come and learn about your local environment and the outdoors through LIVE hands-on native plant and wildlife exhibits, games, activities and volunteer opportunities on how YOU can get involved in conserving wilderness and open space. Several local nonprofit organizations, agencies, and environmental education or conservation based groups will be coming together to present on the biodiversity of the regional environment."

Thanks to the following 17 exhibitors that took part in the Fair:

Audobon Society
Angeles National Forest
The Bug Man
CA Native Plant Society
CA Turtle And Tortoise
City Of Claremont
Critter Caravan
DPW Waste Management
Eaton Canyon
Herpetological Society
Opossum Society
San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy
Sierra Club
Theodore Payne
Wildlife Way Station


I think I may know who the Bug Guy is. He keeps a ton of pictures on FLIKR. If it's the same fellow, he's my personal "go to" bug guy.
Hilda said…
Sounds like a great way to promote nature conservation. I don't think we've had any similar activities in Manila.
Laurie Allee said…
This is great. I wish more communities would host similar fairs.
Keith said…
Palm: His name is Steve Kutcher and he has a website at


He's pretty famous. Handled the bugs for many movies and TV shows.

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