The Comic Cellar

With the success of and news stories from the recent comic convention in San Diego, comics are as big, if not bigger, than ever. This seems like a good time to show that Monrovia has its own comic book store right in the heart of Old Town.

Link: Comic Cellar Website


Anonymous said…
Neat photograph. They create comic books in this building?
Keith said…
They are a retail store. They sell comics (old and new) but they don't create them.
Laurie Allee said…
Oh, this looks like a good one. My husband would love this place!
Alessandra said…
My husband LOVES this store. And even though I am a marginal comic fan, the staff is extremely helpful and nice to me every time I go in. They always find something that might interest me and are not condescending, so guess who spends more money when we visit?

Great photo, too.
My other half woul love this place.
He's the Political Cartoonsit for the BBC, and he also likes all soret of comics.
Laurie Allee said…
What does this say about us that all of our husbands like comics? :-)

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