Ribbon Cutting - Paragon At Old Town

Here's a little teaser photo of a small part of the new sculpture outside the Paragon At Old Town building.

According to the City Manager's report, the ribbon cutting is scheduled for 11 am today (Friday 4/2).  Stop by for the ceremony or stop by anytime to see the new sculpture (in its entirety) and the new archway over Myrtle Ave. welcoming everyone to Old Town Monrovia.


is this going to be a post April fools joke? I keep expecting a fire truck to show up in the next post
Keith said…
Pas Adj: No joke. Not a fire truck but it was inspired by a popular mode of transportation that is no longer with us.
Tash said…
a tram? one of the old tram cars. Very red and very fun teaser.
T. Becque said…
For some reason this image strikes me as very Danish. Then I thought of firetrucks too.
Keith said…
Tash: Not a tram either, but you're getting closer.

T. Becque: The color is right for a fire engine, but this was another red vehicle.

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