Pioneer Point Buffet And Grill - Update 04/08/2010

Still working hard on the interior and they've added a covered wagon to the front exterior facing Huntington Dr.


EatTravelEat said…
Pioneer Point is looking nice! New coat of paint really freshens it up. Didn't notice the wagon until you posted about it.
A sad and angry mom said…
OMG! I was there with my family few days ago and we were so disapointed! All the foods were dry ,old,and hard to swallow,they recycled the foods since there were not many customers.( I only saw 3 tables include us), my son couldn't chew the french fries, it's so hard like a bamboo, the soup and many trays were empty and no one refilled the food tray, the chefs and waiters kept standing there didn't have nothing to do! I saw another family paid at cashier ( you have to pay first),then they go around the food bars, and they look at each ohter with funny faces, directley walked away without eating! I wish I should out done that with my family, after that discussed old , oily, terrible food, my whole family all got sick and my son was throwing out whole night, we had a stomach pain for 2 days and the worst headache! It was a minor food poisoning!I wonder they will be shot down one day by health dept!
I will not even recommend my enemy to go there, but there is only one benefit----if you really hate someone and try very hard to get rid of him/her, take her/him there, I guarantee you will never see that person again!

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