The Market Grill

One of the hottest spots in town.  Go for lunch and you'll be in line with a who's who of Monrovians.
Small place, friendly people, great food (I'm personally working my way through the sandwich menu).
...and the desserts.

525 S. Shamrock Ave.  Monrovia, CA - Across the street from Recreation Park.  Enter through the market.
Open 11-7 Monday thru Saturday.  Closed Sunday.  Cash only.
Follow along on their Facebook page for the soup of the day, desserts and info.
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Bill said…
Sounds like an interesting place to eat. When you finished the sandwich list, you can always start again. Oh, and of course the desserts.
Lisa..... said…
I just ate there the other day for the first time! It was great!
So whose the shakers and breakers of Monrovia that your rubbing elbows with?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tip. Looks cheery.
D. Musick said…
Great place, really like the Beast and the Grown Up Grilled Cheese, with bacon!
Keith said…
Bill: Going back for seconds sounds good to me.

Lisa: It is. I haven't decided on a favorite item yet.

Pas Adj: The place is small. You'll rub more than elbows during the lunch rush. I've seen police and fire personnel(they know the good places), public officials, local business owners, I hear the mayor is a fan.

Altadenahiker: You're welcome! I'm hungry just thinking about it.

Dad Wheels: I'll 2nd the Grown Up Grilled Cheese w/bacon. Hmmm, the Beast or the Angry Beast...tough choice.
Petrea Burchard said…
When I waited tables we called grilled cheese with bacon a GAC&BAC. I can't wait. It's one of my favorite sandwiches and I'm going to have me one at the Market Grill.
Keith said…
Petrea: Love the restaurant speak! I really hope you like it. I did mine.
junepbug said…
Yum! Ate there for the first time a couple of days ago. Going back tomorrow. Don't forget the lemonade!!
Keith said…
Junepbug: Haven't tried the lemonade yet. I'll add that to the list.
Unknown said…
What, no one mentioned the BCC's? Bacon chocolate chip cookies. The perfect end to a great meal!

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