Herzenberg Building

It wasn't so much the building as the clock that caught my eye.  I thought I'd get home, do a search for "Herzenberg Building" and get some interesting info to add to the post.  I found nothing.  Anyone know who Herzenberg is/was.  Any interesting history connected to the building?


Paula said…
Apparently Herbert Herzenberg was a stockholder in the San Gabriel Valley Broadcasting Company who tried to bring a daytime radio station to Monrovia in the late 1940s-early 1950s. You can read something about it here. Not sure how the building fits in, but I think the history of this area is fascinating. Great find on the old neon clock.
Keith said…
Paula: Well done! I knew there had to be some info available. Since you got me started, I found a little follow up showing that Coast Radio Broadcasting Corporation got the permit.
Paula said…
Took from 1946 to 1951 to resolve it? I guess there must have been a few dollars at stake. Interesting follow-up.

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