April 2010 City Daily Photo Theme Day: Red

A literal interpretation.  Half of the sign on the local Red Lobster restaurant.

Click on the link below to see how other City Daily Photo bloggers from around the world interpret the theme this month of Red:

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Now who could argue with that? Great find.
Melbourne Daily Photo
Jørgen Carlsen said…
Nearly the same idea as mine for the theme day. Fine idea.
Zyzzyz said…
gOOD IDEA - sorry about catching capslock - didn't mean to shout.
Laurent said…
Can't be better for today's theme !
Kate said…
A gem of a sign; now what colour is that again?
now this is perfect for theme day. great eye
Tash said…
Hey, hey...it's a gem of a RED. Love literal interpretations.
Leif Hagen said…
Perfect and a dead ringer for RED theme day!
Buck said…
A self-identifying theme photo, well done!

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