The New Monrovia Public Library

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Due to my work schedule, I wasn't able to make it to the dedication and open house this afternoon but I did get there early this morning to take a photo of the new library, all quiet, waiting for the first guests to arrive.

The fencing along Myrtle Ave. is down allowing a great view of the east facing front of the library. As tantalizing as the exterior is, today was the only chance to see the inside before the actual grand opening on May 16th during Monrovia Days.

FYI: It looks like I used a flash in this photo but I really didn't. There was a street light behind me to the right that cast a lot of light onto the front walkway. This is a long exposure without flash.

I would love to photograph the inside...

HDR processed version of the above photo can be seen at


Anonymous said…
oh, so that's what all the hoopla was all about on myrtle--it was almost like a friday farmer's market feel...
How your know of of photography has cahnged. You got a great nightshot using the light around.
Keith said…
Anonymous: It did look like the Friday festival with the street blocked off like that.

Babooshka: Thanks! I do like taking the night shots.
Anonymous said…
I'm excited to take a peek myself
Tash said…
The library looks b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! Your photo gives it a very festive feeling.
I do love visiting libraries. Of the modern ones, my fave so far is Seattle's.

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