City Daily Photo Theme Day: Yellow

Spotted this dandelion while out hiking on Monday.  It was right next to the trail and, since it was the only one around and bright yellow, couldn't be missed.  I think it was a theme day sign.

Be sure to visit the other City Daily Photo photographers from around the world participating in the theme day by clicking the link below:

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Tash said…
Keith - it's a real GEM from Gem City. A very, very lovely yellow TD entry.
Tash said…
PS - I love the clarity of each petal (?)
J.C. said…
You and I are among the many who posted yellow flowers for theme day! Nice dandelion!

I have posted yellow orchids for Theme Day. You are most welcome to visit my blog.
I think ths was the only dandelion. So many daffodils, such a welcome change.

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