Car Wash And RailRoad Tracks

The back side of the Nu-Way Car Wash.


Hilda said…
I like those metallic pastel things on the roof — whatever they are! ;)
Antjas said…
This was my car wash and this was the direction from which I came when I lived in Arcadia. I remember that on Wednesday it was only about $3.50 for inside and out. When we moved to Massachusetts 16 years ago,it was $8.00 just to drive through the soap and water, no wipe down on the outside and who ever heard of doing the inside. It's still the same way here except it's now $12. That's why you see so many dirty cars here. Ahh, one of the things I loved about California.
My favorite structure in Monrovia. So Googie! I think you photographed it early in your blog and thats how I discovered you. Taco joint on the corner has Taco Tuesdays 99 cents
writerphotodeb said…
great shot! so classic California

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