Monrovia Public Library Work / Study Tables

Want to get a little work done at the library? This is the place to do it. There are several of these work/study tables around the inside perimeter along the windows. (The photo above was taken with a cell phone just doesn't do the tables justice).

Whatever your situation, the library and these tables have you covered:
-If you use wi-fi, the library has free wi-fi for you.
-If you don't have wi-fi or don't want to use it, that lamp on the table has 2 plugs in the base so you can plug directly into the free internet access. Just bring your cable.
-Working a long time and your laptop battery lost its charge? No problem. The lamp base also has 2 electrical outlets so you can plug in your laptop.

There are several of these tables, all set up the same way. When the weather heats up this summer, a nice cool library could be the place to go.

Thanks to Altadenahiker for the post idea.


Keith said…
Steffe: It really is easy and convenient...and popular.
Anonymous said…
The picture sells me! Thanks for the complete write-up.

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